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Which two statements describe security services that are provided by the Phone Proxy function on a Cisco ASA
appliance? (Choose two.)
A. It is supported only on phones that use SCCP.
B. It is supported on an adaptive security appliance that runs in transparent mode.
C. It provides interworking to ensure that the external IP phone traffic is encrypted, as long as the Cisco Unified
Communications Manager cluster runs in a secure mode.
D. It provides a proxy of phone signaling, with optional use of NAT, to hide the Cisco Unified Communications Manager IP address from the public Internet.
E. It proxies phone media so that internal phones are not directly exposed to the Internet.
F. It supports IP phones that send phone proxy traffic through a VPN tunnel.
Correct Answer: DE

Which directory path on Cisco Unified CM publisher is used to temporarily store the Call Detail Records collected from
other nodes until they are processed by the CDR Repository Manager?
A. car/yyyymmdd
B. preserve/yyyymmdd
C. cdr/yyyymmdd
D. collected/yyyymmdd
E. processed/yyyymmdd
Correct Answer: B

Which SIP header is used by the Cisco Unified Communication Manager to support the Redirected Number ID Service?
A. replaces
C. diversion
D. join
E. P-charging-vector
Correct Answer: C

Which two statements about BFCP with Cisco Unified Communications Manager are true? (Choose two.)
A. BFCP is supported only on full SIP networks.
B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager allows BFCP only over UDP.
C. BFCP is not supported for third-party endpoints.
D. BFCP is not supported through the Cisco Unified Border Element.
E. BFCP is supported between Cisco Unified Communications Manager and a TelePresence MCU.
Correct Answer: AB

Which Cisco Unified Contact Center Express data store contains CSQ information?
A. configuration data store
B. repository data store
C. agent data store
D. historical data store
E. script data store
Correct Answer: A

Which statement describes the key security service that is provided by the TLS Proxy function on a Cisco ASA
A. It provides interworking to ensure that external IP phone traffic is encrypted, even if the rest of the system is
B. It only applies to encrypted voice calls where both parties utilize encryption.
C. It manipulates the call signaling to ensure that all media is routed via the adaptive security appliance.
D. It enables internal phones to communicate with external phones without encryption.
E. It protects Cisco Unified Communications Manager from rogue soft clients and attackers on the data VLAN.
Correct Answer: B

Which two software components in the Cisco Meeting Server deployment supports clustering for resilience only? (Choose
A. Recorder
B. Call Bridge
C. Database
D. TURN Server
E. Web Bridge
F. Streamer
G. XMPP Server
Correct Answer: BC

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 400-051 exam question q8

A CUCM engineer is working with Globalization and localization on the H323 gateway. Which four configuration changes
are needed to achieve the result on the exhibit? (Choose four)
A. Create a CSS and PT for calling party transformation patterns.
B. Create a transformation profile and add 9011 in the international number prefix field.
C. Assign a transformation profile in the incoming transformation profile setting in the E 164 transformation number
prefix field.
D. Assign the calling party transformation CSS to the device pools in the cluster.
E. Uncheck the use device pool calling party transformation CSS on all the phones.
Correct Answer: ABCD

Which method does a Cisco Unify 9971 phone use to send keep-alive messages to Cisco Unified Communications
A. SIP NOTIFY with Event set to keep-alive
C. SIP REGISTER with Expires set to zero
D. SCCP StationRegister
E. SCCP StationServerReq
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.

lead4pass 400-051 exam question q10

In an effort to troubleshoot a caller ID delivery problem, a customer emailed you the voice port configuration on a Cisco
IOS router. Which type of voice port is it?
B. EandM
Correct Answer: D

In Cisco IOS routers, which chipset is the PVDM2-32 DSP hardware based on?
A. C5441
B. C549
C. C5510
D. C5421
E. Broadcom 1500
Correct Answer: C

Which SIP reason phrase maps to SIP response reason code 181?
A. Ringing
B. The call is Being Forwarded
C. Session in Progress
D. Unknown Number
E. Call Does not Exist
Correct Answer: B

The Video engineer wants to enable the LATM codec to allow video endpoint to communicate over audio with other IP
devices. Which two Characteristics should the engineer be aware of before enabling LATM on the Cisco Unified border
element router? (Choose two)
A. Dual tone Multifrequency interworking with LATM codec is not supported.
B. Codec transcoding between LATM and other codecs is not supported.
C. SIP UPDATE message outlined in RFC3311 is not supported.
D. Box-to-Box High availability support feature is not supported.
E. Configure LATM under a voice class or dial peer is not supported.
F. Basic calls using flow-around or flow-through is not supported.
Correct Answer: AB

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