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Latest updates Cisco Systems Engineer 500-230 exam practice questions

What is currently required for eBGP sessions in IOS-XR that was not required in IOS?
A. Default MED values
B. Local-Preference values
C. Send Communities
D. Route-Filter In and Out
Correct Answer: D


What is the TRACE command?
A. A packet tracer showing the path of a packet from ingress to egress in the router.
B. The replacement for TraceRoute in IOS-XR.
C. A form of always-on debugging available for a subset of commands.
D. Exactly the same as the debug command, must be explicitly turned on.
Correct Answer: A


What does “ifmgr” represent in the output below?
LC/0/3/CPU0:Mar 23 08:04:31.644 : ifmgr[151]: %PKT_INFRA-LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN : Line protocol on Interface
POS0/3/0/7, changed state to Down
A. The SYSMGR process restarted the ifmgr process as a result of this log message.
B. The WDSYSMON process is tracking this process to prevent it from bringing the interface up.
C. The ifmgr process has restarted 151 times and brought the interface down as a result.
D. The ifmgr process created this log message.
Correct Answer: D


What information is unchanged after a process restart?
A. Job ID
B. Last Started
C. Respawn Count
D. Process ID
Correct Answer: A
Note that ospf process is given a Job ID (JID), which is 250. This never changes on a running router and generally on a
particular version of Cisco IOS XR. Within the ospf process there are five threads each with their own Thread ID (TID).
Listed is the stack space for each thread, the priority of each thread and its state.


Which protocol is a PE to CE routing protocol?
C. RIPv1
Correct Answer: D


Which command is used to configure an interface that does not currently exist in the system?
A. interface preconfigure
B. preconfigure interface
C. interface vrf preconfig
D. controller preconfigure
Correct Answer: A


How many times are Layer 3 lookups performed on a packet transiting a CRS or ASR9k router?
A. Three times: in the ingress linecard, the fabric, and the egress linecard
B. Once: in the active RP/RSP
C. Once: in the ingress linecard
D. Twice: in the ingress linecard and again in the egress linecard
Correct Answer: A


Which command is an example of how to configure system logging to a Syslog server?
A. logging
B. syslog server1
C. logging syslog-server
D. enable syslog server1
Correct Answer: A


Which command is required to permit the retention of BGP Prefixes on a router with VRFs not importing the associated
Route Target?
A. route-policy PASS-ALL in
B. retain route-target all
C. import route-target policy all
D. import route-target all
Correct Answer: B


Which command is used to redistribute BGP into EIGRP for a Layer 3 VPN customer?
A. router(config-eigrp-af)# redistribute bgp 65001
B. router(config-eigrp-vrf-af)# redistribute bgp 65001
C. rouur(config-eigrp-vrf)# redistribute bgp 65001
D. router(config-eigrp)# redistribute bgp 65001
Correct Answer: B


Which command is run to make changes permanent and survive a reload after executing the command “copy
disk0:config-file.txt running-config”?
A. Commit Confirm
B. Commit Copy
C. Command not require, changes are committed automatically
D. Commit
Correct Answer: D


When are core dump files created by the system?
A. There are too many critical events.
B. There are too many duplicate messages.
C. The commit database is full.
D. A process fails or terminates abnormally.
Correct Answer: D

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