Microsoft’s New Edge App On Android: Windows 10 Needs More Edge PC Users.

Microsoft’s new Edge application quickly reaches millions of downloads, but the company needs more Edge PC users. Windows 10 browser splitting provides clocks to millions of users.

Just a week after the preview came out, Android’s Microsoft Edge app has been downloaded at least a million times.

According to Google Play Store, Blink-based Microsoft Edge applications have been downloaded from one million to five million times. The app has been available to testers for some time, but only previewed in October and then generally available by the end of November.

The Microsoft Edge application for iOS and Android is designed to make Edge more suitable for use on Windows 10 by making it easier to synchronize browsing experiences across devices.
The application provides Microsoft’s “Continue on PC”, which allows users to transfer websites, apps, photos and files from their cell phones to a Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft also added a roaming password feature that allows users to save a password on their phone that can be sent to a computer or a darker theme.

Edge application downloads may take some time to reach the 5 Million milestone on Android as it applies only to a subset of Windows 10 users who actually use Edge on the PC.

According to NetMarketShare, although Windows 10 now runs more than 500 million PCs, Edge currently accounts for only 3.6% of desktops worldwide.
As a result, any Microsoft that can enhance Edge’s attractiveness via PC will help convince more users to switch from Chrome or Internet Explorer 11.

It is also working hard to expand the number of Edge extensions by one year after Microsoft used them up to 80.

Much of the excitement with Always Connected devices has focused on the battery life data they report (thanks to ARM’s integration on the ARM chip, making room for a bigger battery inside those computers), and Intel is also the Always Connected PC ecosystem a part of.

Always connected is a brand that includes PCs with built-in gigabit LTE and Wi-Fi; long battery life (allegedly many days without charging in the case of ARM devices); running Windows 10; and thin, light, fanless .
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