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Test your Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops 210-250 exam level

Which two security control decisions indicate optimal security control behavior? (Choose two.)
A. true positive
B. false positive
C. true negative
D. false negative
Correct Answer: AC


Which security technology would be best for detecting a pivot attack?
A. Virtual private network (VPN)
B. Host-based antivirus
C. NetFlow solution looking for anomalies within the network
D. Application layer firewalls
Correct Answer: C


Which two best describe iFrames? (Choose two.)
A. a new Apple product
B. hidden inline frames
C. loading a webpage inside another webpage
D. a frame within a browser where a user can view the page\\’s source code
Correct Answer: BC


Which two IT security control frameworks offer good starting points and can be used together? (Choose two.)
A. Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies (COBIT)
B. Creative Control Systems for Information Security (CCSIS)
C. Mobility Operations and Optimization Planning Document (MOOP)
D. ISO/IEC 27002:2013
Correct Answer: AD


What is the reason that a digital signature can be used to provide the authenticity of digitally signed data?
A. Both the signer and the recipient must first agree on a shared secret key that is only known to both parties.
B. Both the signer and the recipient must first agree on the public/private key pair that is only known to both parties.
C. Only the signer has sole possession of the private key.
D. Only the recipient has a copy of the private key to decrypt the signature
Correct Answer: C


Which Windows netstat command options can be used to link the open connection to the owning process ID?
A. -abno
B. -abe
C. -ars
D. -af
Correct Answer: A


Which one of the following encryption methodologies allows you to maintain the privacy of an email communication, and
ensure the origin of the message using PGP?
A. Encrypt the message with your public key and send your private key to the destination in a separate email so that the
recipients can decrypt your message and know that you sent them the key.
B. Encrypt the message with your private key, and again with the destination\\’s public key, so that the recipients can
decrypt the message with their private key and your public key.
C. Encrypt the message with your public key, and again with the destination\\’s private key, so that the recipients can
decrypt the message with your private key and their public key.
D. Encrypt the message with the destination\\’s private key so that the recipients can decrypt it with their private key and
know they are the only party who generated the private key.
Correct Answer: B


What is the difference between spear phishing and whaling?
A. There is no difference. Both are targeted phishing.
B. Spear phishing focuses on voice services and whaling is primarily sent through SMS messages.
C. Both are targeted phishing, but only whaling targets individuals in executive positions.
D. Spear phishing involves email, and whaling involves DNS cache poisoning.
Correct Answer: C


What helps an analyst thoroughly respond to the complexity of security threat events?
A. system event logs
B. an SIEM tool
C. centralized “plays”
D. a runbook
Correct Answer: D


Which type of encryption algorithm uses the different but related keys to encrypt and decrypt data?
A. symmetric encryption algorithm
B. Diffie-Hellman algorithm
C. asymmetric encryption algorithm
D. dodecaphonic algorithm
Correct Answer: C


Which process continues to be recorded in the process table after it has ended and the status is returned to the parent?
A. Daemon
B. Child
C. Orphan
D. Zombie
Correct Answer: D


Which type of exploit normally requires the culprit to have prior access to the target system?
A. local exploit
B. denial of service
C. system vulnerability
D. remote exploit
Correct Answer: A


Which security monitoring data type is associated with application server logs?
A. alert data
B. statistical data
C. session data
D. transaction data
Correct Answer: D

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