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400-251 CCIE Security – Cisco:https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/exams/current-list/400-251-ccie-security.html

The 400-251 CCIE Security written exam validates experts who have the knowledge and skills to architect, engineer, implement, troubleshoot, and support the full suite of Cisco security technologies and solutions using the latest industry best practices to secure systems and environments against modern security risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and requirements.

Topics include network functionality and security-related concepts and best practices, as well as Cisco network security products, solutions, and technologies in areas such as next-generation intrusion prevention, next-generation firewalls, identity services, policy management, device hardening, and malware protection.

Latest updates Cisco 400-251 exam practice questions


Which three transports have been defined for SNMPv3?(Choose three) 





E. IPSec secured tunnel 


Correct Answer: ABC 



Which of the following is true regarding ASA clustering requirements? 

A. Units in the cluster can be in different security context modes. 

B. Units in the cluster can be in different geographical locations 

C. Units in the cluster can have different hardware configuration as long as they are running same software version 

D. Units in the cluster can be running different software version as long as they have identical hardware configuration 

E. Only routed mode is allowed in the Single context mode 

F. Units in the cluster can have different amount of flash memory 

Correct Answer: F 



Which two statemens about Cisco URL Filtering on Cisco IOS software are true?(Choose two) 

A. It supports Websense and N2H2 filtering at the same time. 

B. It supports local URL lists and third – party URL filtering servers 

C. By default, it uses ports 80 and 22. 

D. It supports HTTP and HTTPS traffic. 

E. By default, it allows all URLs when the connection to the filtering server is down. 

F. It requires minimal CPU time 

Correct Answer: B 



What are the most common methods that security auditors use to access an organizations security processes? (Choose


A. physical observation 

B. social engineering attempts 

C. penetration testing 

D. policy assessment 

E. document review 

F. interviews 

Correct Answer: AF 



Which statement about enabling SMTP encryption on ESA is true? 

A. TLS can be enabled only for receiving 

B. Enabling TLS for receiving goes under the “Destination Controls” menu of mail policies 

C. It allows self-signed certificates to be used 

D. Enabling TLS is an optional step 

E. TLS can be enabled only for delivery 

F. It only allows certificates to be imported from CA 

Correct Answer: C 


QUESTION 6lead4pass 400-251 exam question q6

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of packet can trigger the rate limiter in the given configuration?
A. Only DSCP 8000 packets
B. Only DSCP 1 packets
C. Only DSCP 1500 packets
D. DSCP 1, 1500, 3000, and 8000 packets
E. Only DSCP 3000 packets
Correct Answer: A

Which two statements about a SMURF attack are true? (Choose two)
A. It is used by the attackers to check if destination addresses are alive
B. It exhausts the victim machine resources with large number of ICMP Echo Requests from a subnet
C. It is adistributed denial-of-service attack
D. The at tacker uses a spooed destination address to launch the attack
E. To mitigate the attack you must disable IP direct ed broadcast on the router interface
F. It sends ICMP Echo Replies to known IP addresses in a subnet
G. It sends ICMP Echo Requests to a spoofed source address of a subnet
Correct Answer: EG

Which three VSA attributes are present in a RADIUS WLAN Access-Accept packet? (Choose three)
A. Tunnel-Private-Group-ID
B. Tunnel-Type
D. EAP-Message
E. LEAP Session-Key
F. Authorization-Algorithm-Type
Correct Answer: CEF

QUESTION 9lead4pass 400-251 exam question q9

Refer to the exhibit. AMP cloud is configured to report AMP Connector scan events from windows machine belong to
“Audit” group to FMC but the scanned events are not showing up in FMC, what could be the possible cause?
A. AMP cloud is pointing to incorrect FMC address
B. Possible issues with certificate download from AMP cloud for FMC integration
C. Incorrect group is selected for the events export in AMP cloud for FMC
D. Event should be viewed as “Malware” event in FMC
E. DNS address is misconfigured on FMC
F. FMC is pointing to incorrect AMP cloud address
Correct Answer: D

How does a Cisco ISE server determine whether a client supports EAP chaining?
A. It sends an MDS challenge to the client and analyzes the response
B. It analyzes the options field in the TCP header of the first packet it receives from the client
C. It analyzes the EAPol message the client sends during the initial handshake
D. It sends an identity-type TLV to the client and analyzes the response
E. It analyzes the X509 certificate it receives from the client through the TLS tunnel
Correct Answer: D

In FMC, which two elements can the correlation rule be based on? (Choose two.)
A. authorization rule
B. Security Group Tag mapping
C. discovery event
D. user activity
E. database type
F. authentication condition
G. Change of Authorization
H. Network Device Admisson Control
Correct Answer: CD

In OpenStack, which two statements about the NOVA component are true? (Choose two)
A. It provides the authentication and authorization services.
B. It launches virtual machine instances.
C. It is considered the cloud computing fabric controller.
D. It provides persistent block storage to running instances of virtual machines.
E. It tracks cloud usage statistics for billing purposes.
Correct Answer: BC


lead4pass 400-251 exam question q13

Refer to the exhibit. It has been reported that IP Phone is not able to establish connectivity after performing port
authentication. Which possible issues is the reason?
A. Possible issue with the access list applied on the port
B. Due to multiple device authentication enabled on port
C. Authentication order should be reversed
D. Possible issue with dhcp pool configuration
E. Possible issue with the session DACL
F. Due to multiple domain authentication enabled on port
Correct Answer: D

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